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When our old strategies lose the magic,

our day-to-day life becomes like surviving on a hamster wheel.

Feeling lost and stuck, we call out loud,

"Someone please help me!"  

We are heard. And we will receive what we ask for.

There is a journey to lead us from Surviving to Thriving. 


Imagine, walking on a liberating journey that takes you to a thriving life with more laughter, ease, and freedom.


It is the journey for -


  • breaking free from the old toxic stories and patterns so you are in touch with your own stability, clarity, and strength.

  • developing new inner muscles so you are empowered to live comfortably under your true skin.

  • homecoming to who you truly are, as a wise, resourceful and uniquely gifted being.


When you are ready to embark on your unique Homecoming Journeys, I am here to serve you with my full heart.  Schedule a Complimentary Heart-Opening session now!


 What Clients Say 

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” - Mahtma Gandhi

            For the first time after nine years of depression and shutting down myself, I could hold a sense of confidence and hope since working with Qibei."  - Lin

          I felt comfortable with Qibei immediately at my first session... and I trusted her. It was a very difficult time of my life and she helped me tremendously."  - Nasrin

          Every time walking out of a session with Qibei my whole body and mind would be filled with incredible peace for days. I have been learning to appreciate myself because of this amazing work..."  - Jessica



 Work with Me 

Quiet your mind. Listen to your heart.

I know, it hasn't been easy for you to land where you are at right now.


Just keep walking. The ONLY way out is through.  I'm here with you.


I am passionate about supporting people to step out of their old path of anxiety, confusion, pain and despair so that they can step into their new path of freedom, joy, clarity and ease through Empowering Consciousness Work, Deep Energy Healing, and Mindful Communication Practice.


-  I guide and mentor your process of healing by listening to your deepest desires and grounding you with your own inner resources so the root cause of your issues can be safely explored and gently healed.


 I empower you to master practical skills to move through blocks while building -self-trust, and to develop a personal practice so you become your own lighthouse and powerhouse.


As a result, you naturally return to the essence of your true being that is full of wisdom, strength, clarity, vitality, peace and compassion. This leads to a striving life that is fuller and brighter, more balanced, and in alignment with who you truly are.



          I still feel it... the calm after the storm... the wisdom that surfaced from that one session will serve me well for eternity." - Sharon


Let's begin with a Complimentary Heart-opening Session now.


This 30-minute phone session is offered to help you to discover your unique way of exploration, healing and transformation. In this session, you will receive:


  • A non-judgmental assessment to effectively orient you in your inner landscape feeling more connected and hopeful.

  • Practical and valuable tools that shed some lights in your darkness so you can see the new path that is available to you.

  • A new sense of confidence and clarity to help continue your powerful journeys to live a vibrant life. 



 About & Connect 

Hello, I'm Qibei-

Your tour guide for your natural yet empowering inward journeys that help you move from Surviving to Thriving, in the aspects of relationships, personal wellbeing, career, spirituality, and everything else in between.



        Some "Official" background of me:

- I am a healer who is insanely passionate about empowering organic, embodied,  “inside out” healing and transformation for my human fellows both individually and collectively.

- I am a communication coach and facilitator who believes in the magic of authentic relating and conscious communication. I love facilitating powerful conversations to help nurture extraordinary relationships for couples and families, as well as groups, communities, and work space.

- I’m a certified The Circling Method Facilitator, a Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Shamanic Practitioner, a Reiki Master Teacher, and a Mindfulness Practitioner, with advanced training in Family Constellation, Nonviolent Communication, Spirit Releasement Therapy, Past Life Therapy, NLP, and Sandtray Therapy. 

        Some human aspects of me:


-  I'm a proud single mom gifted by an incredible being who has been my playmate, teammate, teacher and of course always my dear child. By sharing my life with my son, I'm constantly learning, stretching and growing that's utterly rewarding


-  I am a 5Rhythms dancer who cannot live happily after without moving my body in rhythms. This sacred embodiment practice has shown me my warm animal body has so much to offer when I am able to listen to its natural expressions. And it has become a profound tool that shapes how I work with others.  


-  I'm a lifetime student of Buddhism mindfulness teaching. To me, being aware is the vital soil to grow all wisdom in any given moment and situation. I'm devoted to practicing the integration of my human being and my spiritual being, even when I am not aware of it. 


        About the price:


I offer my work with a sliding scale $200 to $150 per session for the practices of the following:


  • Financial sustainability for my little family

  • Consistently serving  you with more ease and my full presence

  • Working with people who are in keen needs of support but severely lacking financial resources

  • Continue my own learning and growth by attending relevant training and workshops


Anything you choose to pay within or above this sliding scale with joy will make a tremendous contribution to my practices and will be greatly appreciated. 


At the same time, my genuine desire and my willingness to support you and your life journeys don't come with a price tag. Please remember, your genuine desire and willingness to do this work is the invaluable first step. 


So, if paying me within the sliding scale is a huge block to you, please STILL reach out to me so we can have meaningful conversations to connect and brainstorm some creative ways to make our working together possible. 

        Ready? Let's connect now!


Grab a Complimentary Heart-Opening Session now so we can explore together how my work can best support your needs.


You can email me at TourGuide@JourneysToReturn.com or call 510-928-2322.

Or, just drop a message here. 

Group Work

A community space where grassroots activists, healers, and allies walk closer than ever to regenerate resilience and wholeness for self-care and collective wellness.

Groupwork for personal healing and community building through mindfulness practice, authentic relating, non-violent communication, and other holistic spiritual disciplines.

Workshops for awakening your greater self and highest potential so you can show up more fully in life with your most brilliance and radiance.